Proprietary solutions for
Forward Looking Information
Enterprise Risk Management (ERM)

integrated in tailored products for
  •   banks
  •   insurance companies
  •   corporates
  •   small and medium enterprises (SMEs)


European Commission report on platforms for EU taxonomy implementation

KnowShape platform to support the EU Taxonomy implementation has been selected in the following Technical Report of the European Commission:
Data Platform support to SMEs for ESG reporting and EU taxonomy implementation (september 2022)

ESG @ Risk®

ESG sustainability plans, assessment of their economic and financial impacts and transition risk monitoring, using proprietary indicators, for corporates and SMEs

Italian Council of Chartered Accountants Guidelines on corporate financial disclosure

KnowShape solution for assessing corporate business plans risks has been selected in the following Guidelines of the Italian Council of Chartered Accountants (CNDCEC):
Linee Guida per il rilascio del visto di conformità e del visto di congruità sull’informativa finanziaria aziendale da parte dei commercialisti (April 2021)

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KnowShape applications allows to carry out in an integrated way:

  • Taxonomy alignment’s assessment
    (Regulation EU 2020/852)
  • ESG sustainability plans
  • business plans
  • treasury plans
  • forward looking risk indicators related to the plans